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/dusts this journal off

Welcome all to my first selling post! As it turns out, there's a metric ton of merchandise that's just cluttering up the place and I'm in need of a little more financial stability right now, so it's time to let some things go. Most of this is Final Fantasy VII merch, and with news of that shiny HD PS4 remake in the works (side note: omg) maybe there's a few nostalgic collectors out there looking for some stuff. But I've also got some things from Kingdom Hearts and other Final Fantasies that might interest some folks!

For sale are various Square Enix Play Arts figures, video games, a DVD movie and doujinshi. Pictures, details and pricing are all below the cut, and click on the thumbnails for larger images. Happy shopping!

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so much placeholder here, omg.

but yeah hi, i'm Isen and this is kind of just my basic journal to use when i need a personal journal to link things to. rp purposes, icon posting, etc. i won't actually update this journal with life updates or anything, it's kind of just. here.

if you're looking for graphics, my icon community is [community profile] eikon!

i think that's all i got for now so yeah.

here's a turtle.


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